Hotel Riad Mimouna

Riad Mimouna in Essaouira is a cultural and tourist treasure that goes back a long way in time, it can be described as a paradise in the centre of the city of Essaouira which constitutes a cultural heritage converted into a hotel for the development of tourism.

At the bend of some alleys close to the squalla, as soon as you enter, the smell of cedar takes you in a timeless journey, the riad is moored on the north-western seafront of the city, the site is a haven of serenity rocked by the ocean and the intense life of the seagulls.

With its splendid sea view and location in the heart of the Medina, the riad occupies a comfortable place in Essaouira and Morocco for cultural tourism on a world scale. Essaouira ranks 29th internationally in the number of tourists coming from all over the world.